Dental implants

For the last 25 years, implants have been the best way to replace missing and damaged teeth.

Full mouth reconstruction

Our gentle and attentive care ensures a pain-free experience and long-lasting results.

Smile facelift

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile and restores years to your general appearance. Let our specialists show you how.

Invisalign braces

We can straighten your teeth with smaller and more comfortable metal or clear mini-braces or with clear Invisalign.

Eugene Lee, DDS

His passion for the craft exceeds that of most pediatric dentists, so the fact he has been one of the top performers for the past decade is no coincidence.

Amir Sadighpour, DDS

Whether you need implants, Orthodontics, or a simple cleaning, Dr. Sadighpour and one of his specialist colleagues will ensure a lasting, happy smile.

Zohreh Rasouli, DDS

Helping patients align their teeth with Invisalign or traditional braces, and over 13-years as an orthodontist working with hundreds to create their best smile.

Any specialist you need in one convenient location in Queens

Tired of dentistry that fails and ends up costing you your teeth? Our experienced specialists stand behind their work with our guarantee and we use specialists so the work gets done right, the first time. Pain-free, healthy and lasting.

Our Process
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Top Dental Office in Queens, NY

We are an office that prides ourselves on providing our patients with an exemplary service each time they enter our office. By giving our patients plenty of individual attention and face-to-face time with their dentist, any visitor to our office can trust that they are in good hands and will be getting the care and time that they deserve to experience in their New York treatment.

From being greeted by a smiling and friendly face in our office when you first walk through our door, to leaving satisfied that you have been given the best dental care , we ensure that our patients are pleased with their care from their dentist every step of the way.

We understand that there is no single treatment option that works for every person who walks through our door, which is why we work with you to find the best method that will work for each patient’s unique situation. From bringing the patients at our dentist office the best treatment options NY can offer and giving them the face-to-face time they deserve to feel well tended to.

At our office, we believe in providing a high-quality service to our patients from start to finish, which is why we do everything we can to exceed expectations every step along the way to getting you the best service, options, and treatment. With a wide variety of options for everything from braces, to implants, to full mouth reconstruction, our office is the way to go.

Friendly and flexible to fit your schedule, we are happy to make appointments at the time that is most convenient for you. Get in touch with our NY office today and see what a difference it can make to work with a dentist that truly cares and goes the extra mile every step of the way!

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By Samuel M. (Verified Patient)

“Dr shah went out of his way and waited to see me at 730 pm the previous day even though my appointment was for the next day. Have never had any Dr do that for me in my life! Thumbs up!!”

By Janice T. (Verified Patient)

“She was very friendly and explained everything thing I needed to know very well. Office is very clean and staff very friendly, made my visit comfortable.”

By Sonia W. (Verified Patient)

“She was very professional and friendly. Clearly explained service necessary and recommended options”

Our specialty orthodontic office offers a full range of specialists and services to maintain and repair the natural function and beautiful appearance of your teeth. We offer implants, Invisalign and traditional orthodontics, and full mouth makeover treatments for our patients in Queens, NY.

Orthodontic Care (or Invisalign) Empower Good, Long-Term Oral Health

The biggest hurdles to getting quality dental care are fear of the dentist, the inability to pay for the services, and the difficulty in identifying a good dentist. We have refined our process over the years and selected experienced specialists to ensure that you get quality, gentle work at affordable prices. Every procedure that we undertake is guaranteed and our recommendations are always designed to prevent greater expense down the road. Whether you need implants or Invisalign and Orthodontic services, or simply a cleaning, we have a doctor to take care of your needs and leave you with a happy, healthy smile.

Our Orthodontists and Invisalign Specialists will help you or your children achieve the smile to last a life-time. Dr. Woo, our Boad Certified Orthodontist, can explain how you can benefit from having properly aligned teeth.  We offer metal braces, clear (ceramic) braces, and, of course, Invisalign. Invisalign allows patients to achieve their most healthy smile, with clear, comfortable, easily removable trays. For a consultation at no-cost to you, simply make an appointment to visit our orthodontal clinic. An Invisalign orthodontist will let you know if you can benefit from orthodontic treatment and which method would be best for you.  Our goal is to keep you smiling with impeccably aligned teeth and a healthy smile. Invisalign or Orthodontics can help  you avoid common problems such as broken teeth, worn teeth, crowded teeth, and even jaw joint problems.

Our Services include:

Dental Implants

Implants are proven to replace loose fitting partial and full dentures with no pain, discomfort, or infection. Implants are a lasting solution and allow more natural function for speaking, chewing, and improved overall health. Implants are flexible and can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, and even a full arch of teeth. They can be used to support an individual tooth, bridge, denture, or partial denture.

Full Mouth Makeover and Facial Rejuvenation

We offer treatments and procedures to makeover your smile and restore the proper function of your teeth. Our cosmetic dentist can restore your youthful smile and seem to take years off your age. Poor dental health and alignment can affect your youthful appearance, but our cosmetic procedures can leave you looking and feeling younger.

No matter how simple or extensive your treatment, your mouth will be restored to what it was when you were in your 20’s or 30’s. With over 24 years of experience, we complete dozens of Smile Makeovers each month. Only 1-2% of dentists have the experience and training to properly handle these cases. The challenge of a full mouth reconstruction is that the dentist must manage all 3 dimensions to ensure a proper bite orientation and lasting results. We will take a 3D scan to ensure a successful result and will clearly explain what you can expect.

Orthodontics and Invisalign Braces

Straighten your teeth without braces! Orthodontic procedures & treatment, including Invisalign, are available to correct alignment and give you the smile of your dreams. Invisalign treatment & aligners correct your teeth’s position, symmetry, and relationship without the need for traditional braces. Invisalign orthodontic treatments use clear aligners that are virtually invisible and don’t keep you from eating the foods you love.

Orthodontics Procedures & Treatments

Investing in a straight smile can ensure a happy smile that lasts a lifetime, saving you a thousand times over. Orthodontic treatment is for adults and children alike, there isn’t a limit to a tailored solution.

Implant Dentistry

We have placed thousands of implants in the last 20 years with a very high success rate.

Dental implants replace missing teeth, removable partials, and full dentures, with a fixed tooth that behaves just like your natural teeth.

Implants can last over 25 years. In fact, the first dental implant went into someone’s mouth in 1965. That man is still alive and has the same implant in his mouth.

Dental implants are painless and the recovery if very easy. Most of our patients go back to work the same day or the next day after receiving the procedure. You will not need strong painkillers. Whatever you take for a headache should minimize any discomfort.

They provide many benefits over a bridge, partial, or denture including:

  • Improved chewing forces just like your natural teeth so you can eat anything
  • No maintenance other than simple cleaning and flossing
  • Look and feel very natural so that no one will know you have a fake tooth

Moreover, these last at least 5 times longer than a bridge and, unlike a bridge, they will preserve your jaw bone for greater overall oral health.

Single Tooth Replacement

When you have a damaged or missing tooth and root, there are two options for replacing it: the traditional tooth supported bridge or an implant supported crown.

A tooth supported bridge is where the two teeth on either side of the gap are used as anchors to support a false tooth in the gap between them. Crowns will fit over the two adjacent, or abutment teeth with the fake tooth suspended between them in the middle. The abutment teeth are shaved down so that the crowns fit properly and fit the bridge evenly.

An implant supported crown is a more permanent, but also, more intensive procedure. A screw will be surgically implanted into the bone where the missing tooth’s root used to be. The implant will then be left to bond with the bone for the next two to six months, with a temporary tooth in place over it. Once the bonding is complete, the implant will be capped with a false tooth.

Replacing Removable Dentures

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and the tissue surrounding them. There can be partial or complete dentures, depending on the number of teeth missing.

When all teeth are missing, complete dentures are used. Once the final teeth are extracted, the gum tissue must be given time to heal (8-12 weeks typically), after which conventional dentures are ready to be placed.

We are happy to help with replacing your removable dentures.

Replacing Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used when there are still natural, healthy teeth remaining in the upper or lower jaw area. It has false teeth affixed to a plastic base that is pink and gum like in appearance.

The base slips in and fits into the mouth and helps not only hold the false teeth in place but also helps prevent the remaining teeth from shifting. Overall, it has a natural appearance, can serve functional as well as aesthetic purposes, and is removable.

Invisalign Treatment & Aligners

Our most modern and sleek approach is the Invisalign that is custom molded to with the manufactured intent on remaining invisible and remains an effective solution for many.

Treatment Options

We offer an array of choices for candidates eligible for orthodontic appliance applications. All of our solutions are optimal and supply versatility depending on the patient’s preference.

Treatments for Adults

Over half of the patients who come in wishing for a corrective treatment to their smile are adults, and the available options have never been so accessible. No longer is the option limited to one, but many, spanning from mini-braces, to clear braces and aesthetically pleasing variations such as Invisalign.

The necessity that is adult orthodontics has been steadily increasing year after to be an excellent investment for many adults seeking correction. Cosmetic dentistry is now a tailored approach with many new technological advances allowing tooth alignment to occur within 6 months rather than the standard set of years.

Treatments for Youth

The younger patients enjoy the accompaniment of the periodic orthodontic appointments, as they are cared for just as the parents are, with insurance that their smile is corrected efficiently and affordably. These corrections will ensure their smile will last them for their entire life.

As with the adult varieties, the younger orthodontic treatments available are vast, with options to align their teeth in various methods. Each orthodontic process is able to be closely watched by concerned parents with comfortable seating in the room for optimal transparency and up-to-date progress on their alignment process.

Mini Braces

Our next available choice is of mini-metal braces that provide excellent flexibility in tooth movement and ensures positive results.

Clear Braces

The third option lies in the clear braces, an ideal choice for those seeking another less noticeable solution that mimics the tooth color through its special ceramic material.

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